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What is polyurea?

Polyurea is a two component polymer (isocyanate and a mixture of resin), forming a 100% solid film, continuous and waterproof, with no harmful effect on the environment. This material is used for substrates protection against abrasion and corrosion.

Polyurea is a very durable product, thanks to its excellent mechanical and chemical attributes.

The product is bacteriologically stable, very resistant against abrasion and shows high tolerance for damages caused by acids, alkaline solutions and products based on hydrocarbon (oil and grease, among others).

Main characteristics

  • Fast drying (few minutes), easy maintenance and high strength
  • Highly effective waterproofing and corrosion protection
  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical resistance and high mechanical performance
  • High elongation (400%)
  • It forms a continuous protective layer, without overlapping or cracks
  • 100% solid and free of volatile organic compounds
  • High abrasion, shock and wear resistant
  • Resistant to UV radiation

Roof protection

Protectie acoperis

Terrace protection

Protectie terase

Floor cover

Acoperire pardoseli

Tank waterproofing

Hidroizolatii rezervoare

Pool waterproofing

Hidroizolatii piscine

Foundation waterproofing

Hidroizolatii fundatii

Pipe protection

Protectie Conducte

Bridge waterproofing

Acoperire poduri

Tunnel waterproofing

Hidroizolatii tuneluri

Exterior furniture protection

Protectii mobilier exterior

Auto protection

Protectie auto

Decorative design

Design decorativ

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