Polyurea methodology

Polyurea is applied by spraying by means of a special two-component pump.
Components A and B must be circulated and sprayed at a temperature of + 70 ° C + 80 ° C. Polyurea is applied in minimum two alternative layers on  direction, at the specified coverage.
If the next application takes place after 12 hours from the first application, the surface shall be wiped with a degreaser product indicated by the manufacturer.
The polyurea is applied on a dry surface, usually after 20-30 minutes, at a temperature of + 20 ° C + 35 ° C.
An anti-slip surface can be produced by immediate spraying of a polyurea “rain” on the surface, or, alternatively, by introducing dry sand by means of a separate gun, supplied by the manufacturer.
All surfaces must be clean and free from debris, loose or flaking material, water, oil, grease.
Concrete surfaces must be free of grout and any traces of mold, oil or other deposits. Sandblasting is highly recommended as an effective method of surface preparation before applying the Polyurea. For steel, th welding cords must have a surface finish without cracks.
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